Resume of Han Xiao  


 Han Xiao

    Han Xiao is an artist, plastic surgeon and curator of Shandong Times Art Museum.
    From 1996 to 2001, he worked in the Department of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, Affiliated Hospital of Shandong Second University. Since 2001, the same-name clinics have been established in Jinan, Beijing and Sanya. Since 2006, they have received systematic art and art education and engaged in contemporary art creation in Shandong Academy of Art and China Academy of Art.
    2005 On-the-job graduate of Shandong University Of Arts in Chinese Figure Painting
    2007 On-the-job graduate of Chinese National Academy of Arts in Arts
    2008 On-the-job PhD of Beijing Normally University in History Department
    2009 Director of the Shandong HAN’S Institutes of Aesthetics
    2010 Founded Xiao Han’s Art Studio in Huantie Art District
    2013 Director of Shandong Times Art Gallery
    2014 Moved the Art Studio from Huantie Art District to T3 International Art District,Beijing
    2016-2017 Sojourned in Los Angeles,USA
    He currently lives in London,England
    2012 “Operation: Xiao Han’s Performing Art Exhibition”- Shandong Times Gallery
    2012 “Plastic Surgery: Xiao Han’s Performing Art Exhibition- Beijing Lido Exhibition Hall
    2012 “No Plastic Surgery Today: Xiao Han’s Performing Art Exhibition”- Beijing Today Art Museum
    2013 “The Power Of Body- Xiao Han’s Operational Knives” Beijing UCCA
    2013 “JI- Body That Belongs To Yourself”- Czekh National Galllery
    2013 “A Living Mp3”- Austrian National Gallery
    2014 “Who Is On My Bed” Beijing Space Gallery
    2015“Entropy—Xiao Han’s Performance Art Show”Zfj-Art Gallery@Beijing 798 Art Area
    2015“A Ceremony For Rescue” At The 56th Venice Biennal
    2015 “The Power Of Self-Improvement” Shandong Times Gallery
    2015 “Arm-wrestling With God”523 Art Zone, Shanghai
    2016” Art·Surgery ” Sanya Space Gallery
    2016"April 3000 - Renaissance" the Lille MUBA Gallery
    2016"Live: Han Xiao behavior art" Beijing Space Gallery
    2011 “Ink Painting Part- Experiment & Exloreation Exhibition Jinan City, China
    2013 “Non-Central Art Exhibition” Hainan, China
    2013 “The Ninth Florence Biennale” Florence, China
    2013 “Miami Beach 2014- Scope” Miami, America
    2013 “The First China-Asean Biennale” Nanning, China
    2014 “Art Now Live Studio- Body Plasticity” Beijing, China
    2014 “Appearance?Body——Contemporary Photography Exihibition” Beijing, China
    2014 “Confronting Anitya- Oriental Experience Contemporary Art” Jinan, China
    2014 “Art Los Angeles Contemporary” Los Angeles, America
    2014 “New & Contemporary Art Exhibition Of China” Sanya, China
    2014 “Beyond Rules / 2014 Paris contemporary Art Exhibition” Paris, France
    2015 “A Journey To The Psychosis World ” Shanghai, China
    2015 “Not Just The process, The Result Also Counts —Art Now Live Tour 2 “ Tianjin, China
    2016 “Parabiosis—International Contemporary Art Exhibition 2016" Chongqing, China

    2017 "Body Media II" Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shanghai, China

    2018 "Guyu Action" China Contemporary Behavior Art City Joint Exhibition and International Behavior Art Festival, Shanghai, China

    2009 "Venice Armory Joint Exhibition" Italy Venice