Body Is The God’s Hall

Body Is The God’s  Hall(图1)
Before the invention of steam engine, human beings had been feeling they were infinitely small. And then human beings left server scratches on their precious hometown-earth within several hundred years. Thus, in the grand history of art, both artists at home and broad have focused on the landscape of earth without deeper focus on human beings as well as body.
However, in recent several hundred years, science and reason enable human beings to transform the world in a powerful and crazy way. Human beings have ruined the forests, removed the God, cloned animals and transformed genes. That is also why it is quite hard for us to enjoy pure natural scenery.
The deficiency of pure natural scenery has led to focus of the existence of human beings. And the existence of human beings, no matter in the world of politics, economy or culture, is first about the existence of bodies. Nowadays, in a world of consumerization, homogenization, spectacularisation and symbolization, the earth has been disenchanted and the landscape has been transformed. Body then becomes something that can satisfy human being’s eternal curiosity and desire, which are not only about looking for adventures and libido.
Body is God’s hall that holds our souls. Body is the zucht for human beings. Different people have different ideas about what is a beautiful body. In this exhibition, within in limited space, we want to show you different shapes of body and open ideas about body.
"Shape · capacity-body landscape art exhibition" sequence.
Completed in August 2015